Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to be toilet- trained prior to attending La Coccinelle?

Yes, your child must be toilet trained to start the program. If ever your child needs help in the bathroom we will help. If your child is not yet trained when we offer you a spot in the daycare, and it is not likely to be on the date he or she is to begin, please let us know so we can determine how best to proceed. If we observe a child who needs to regularly be changed, we will cancel the contract. Your name will be given priority on the waiting list for the next available space

When can my child start at the daycare?

Most spots are available for a September start; however some places become available mid-year. 

Are meals and snacks provided by the daycare?

Parents provide their child’s food for the day. 

Does my child need to be capable of speaking French?

Your child must be entitled to francophone school programs in British Columbia. However, your child does is not required to speak or understand French when they begin at the daycare. However, we encourage families to emphasize the use and value of the French language at home as much as possible to ensure the child understands that this is important in his family. French language comprehension will allow your child to adapt more easily to the environment at the daycare

What are the educators’ qualifications?

Three of our educators are Early Childhood Educators and two of our educators are Early Childhood Assistants. All our educators have first-aid and CPR training.

What is the curriculum style?

We offer a play-based environment that encourages learning.

Do you offer bus service?

La Coccinelle does not offer a transportation service. L’École Gabrielle-Roy offers a bus service for their K to 12 students. If there is space on the bus and the child from La Coccinelle is 4.5 years of age and weighs more than 40 lbs then the child may be considered for a courtesy seat on the bus. This decision is made at the Commission Scolaire Francophone (CSF) offices. 

Do you go on field trips?

Usually we organise 3 to 4 field trips per year. We take the school bus for our field trips. Parents are welcome to join us.

Will I be charged if I take my child on vacation or if my child is sick?

The rates are for the year, no reimbursement will occur for missed days.

If my child is sick can you administer their medication?

We can administer your child’s medication but a permission form to Administer Medication must be completed by the parent before any medication can be administered.

How do you communicate with parents?

All communication regarding your child is done by email, a note in your child’s lunch box, unless something of urgent manner happens, in that case one of the educators will contact you. We encourage an open level of communication. If you have any concerns or questions please email us, call us or come in for a meeting.